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Crypto Exchanges

Changelly Exchange


Changelly, Thier exchange is more of a token or coin swap, makes it easier when trading from one exchange to another.

Binance Exchange

The best cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Bitcoin trading, altcoin trading, crypto to crypto.

Binance, The best cryptocurrency exchange around, thanks to binance and its achievements crypto adoption was made easier in most places.

HitBtc Exchange

One of the best crypto exchanges, offers low fees, customer support is excellent and fast.

HitBtc, A professional cryptocurrency exchange, Its trading fees are really low and they offer stake wallets for most proof of stake coins.

Livecoin Exchange

great crypto exchnage, dont miss their coin mini games and more, great profit, btc for life.

Livecoin, their focus on startup cryptocurrency companies and passion for zero fee listing makes them the go to for new projects.

Latoken Exchange

Really good crypto exchange, Thier support is awesome and very great, bitcoin, litecoin, eth, xmr.

Latoken, Their professionalism and support makes them unique, They also always offer low fees and free coins.

Huobi Global Exchange

a really good crypto exchange, they offer zero fees, once you pass ur kyc, bitcoin and other coins.

Huobi Global, A very professional cryptocurrency exchange with low fees and used in 130 countries.

CoinBene Exchange

Really good cypto exchange with low fees and they also have alot of coins listed too with low fees.

Coinbene, They encourage mass adoption, so this exchange always has trader events and more, their customer support is also very professional.

Idax Exchange

idax exchange offers all top 20 cryptocurrney pairs and more, they have low trade fees.

Idax, This exchange is one of the most used around, Their professionalism keeps them in the top, their trade fees are almost unbeatable.

Upbit Exchange

Upbit, really good crypto exchange, It has low trade fees with international offices.

Upbit, This exchange offers its native token for trade rewards and more, emcscoin will be listed here next.

Fatbtc Exchange

crypto exchange with low trade fees and high volume, bitcoin, litecoin, monero and so forth.

This exchange offers low trade fees, constant trade rewards, They always list new coins, over 125 coins being traded on their exchange atm.

Bit-Z Exchange

best crypto exchange with high volume and low trade fees, crypto , bitcoin and other coins.

High trade volume exchange, They also offer margin and future trades, Their support and fees are nice and workable.

Dobi Exchange

really nice crypto exchange with low fee trades and many other things crypto related.

Dobi, This exchange offers free listings for coins if their registered, they also offer low trade fees and more.