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FaucetHub, Your MultiWallet for all your cryptocurrency


best crypto multi wallet around.

FaucetHub, This is a wallet you would use when collecting free cryptocurrency from faucets. There is mini games, live chat, 24/7 support, rewards and many more things.

Cryptocurrency Faucets, games & Airdrops/Earndrops

Fire Faucet

FireFaucet one of the best multi faucets around, you can auto claim 10 coins at a time, high paying.

Firefaucet is a crypto faucet, You earn free cryptocurrency by doing tasks, collect from free box every 30 mins, offerwalls, games, and more.

AllCoins Faucet

Allcoins, one of the best auto faucets and high paying, They have a web miner if you want to auto it

Allcoin is another faucet but this one is a little diffrent, It has betting games, web and a downloadable miner incase u want to mine, also thier auto faucet pays really well.

Aditif Faucet

aditif, a really high paying faucet, they have so much on thier site, its amazing, check it out.

Aditif is the highest paying auto faucet around, were talking 4-5$ off this daily easy, They also allow u to deposit crypto for their ad program, cpm rate is worth it, we use this ourselves ad wise.


RollerCoin, 1 of the best crypto games around and longest, play retro arcade games, get power & btc

Rollercoin is a cool virtual bitcoin mining game, which allows you to play old style retro games and in return you get power which mines bitcoin for you.

Crypto Mining Game

Crypto Mining Game, play games, collect crypto, build your hashpower, New mini games and more.

CryptoMiningGame is a fun and unique crypto game, you do cool activities and mini games to collect gems and power, best part you have many different coins to choose from.

Satoshi Labs

Satoshi Labs, Cryptocurrency faucet, Mini Games, Bitcoin, Eth, Litecoin, Many more crypto stuff.

Satoshi labs is another crypto game but this one is a little different, Instead of games u collect items to build a bitcoin farm which you can withdrawal from.

Energi Exchange Airdrop 100 tokens worth 244$

Energi, dont miss your free coins, come get them before it ends, dont be late to the crypto bull run

Energi is a cryptocurrency exchange with their native token Energi, Their second round airdrop is live, don't miss your free tokens, Btw its already listed on coinmarketcap. 2.44$ per token.

Aussie Exchange Airdrop 10000 tokens worth 75$

best cryptocurrency exchange, with almost zero fees for trading, Also native token staking, huge btc

Aussie is another cryptocurrency exchange with thier native token Aussie, Their airdrop is live come get your free coins. Thier airdrop ends soon dont miss your chance.

Felix Exchange Airdrop 3500 tokens worth 50$

Felix a nice crypto exchange, with many different language support, also low fees and bonus rewards

Felix another exchange is offering their native token for free through their airdrop, Their exchange is known for low fees and they always offer their native token to you for every trade you make.

Blockchain wallet offering 350 XLM worth 50$

Blockchain, one of the biggest cryptocurrency wallets in the world is offering alot of free XLM.

Blockchain, one of cryptos biggest wallets is offering 50$ in free cryptocurrency to new people who signup for a free wallet.

CoinBase offering xlm and other coins for watching educational videos 50$

coinbase, the united states best cryptocurrency exchange around, btc, ltc, xmr , crypto money

Coinbase decided to ad educational short videos that explain how cryptocurrency works and they pay you in crypto to watch them.

Auto Faucet, The best crypto faucet around

The oldest and best crypto faucet around, high payouts, 14 coins, weekly rewards.

AutoFaucet has been around for years, its a local community run faucet with high payouts and weekly rewards.